Notes to the Soul

Notes to the Soul, Inc. (NTTS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in 2014. Our Vision is to inspire global social change through music education, collaboration, and cultural exchange.

Our 3 areas of focus are:

  1. The NTTS Educational Program (Music is My First Language) consists of music education residencies in schools for students ages 9-18. and the NTTS Foundation 501(c)3 will provide scholarships and grants to children and schools.

  2. The NTTS Community Workshop Program (MusicMakers Workshop) consists of career development workshops open to the community.

  3. The NTTS Private Lesson Program will provide scholarships and grants to students who wish to delve deeper into their musical training but do not have the financial means.

Music Is My First Language

We actually started our first initiative in 2013 (before our incorporation).  That initiative is called Music is My First Language.  We created a free music education workshop series which ran in both Brooklyn, NY and Dallas, TX.  You can read about the genesis of MiMFL here.


The MusicMakers Workshop

In 2016, we started planning The MusicMakers Workshop.